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A Typical Day at Osceola Preschool
-The day begins with a gathering time in which the children greet each other while talking about ideas which interest them along with the calendar and weather. They sing songs and play games related to the topics for the day.
This is followed by snack time where good nutrition and good table manners are an important part of learning. We are a nut -free school and provide a safe environment for children with other allergies, too. All teachers are CPR and First Aid trained.  
-Children need time to be active and stretch muscles to develop physically. Some days they participate in either a game, music or exercise activity in our downstairs playroom. Other days they use our new outdoor playground  with freedom to enjoy the special equipment. 
-Story time allows the children  to focus upon story lines, details and observations as a means of developing literacy and enjoying the process of reading. 
-Upon entering the activity room, the children are met with a variety of choices for their free time. A teacher planned activity is also done during this time.  Housekeeping and family living centers give children a opportunity to recreate and understand family life. In other areas, they explore with blocks,vehicles, trains, boats. A doll house area is another favorite. Puzzles and table games occupy some children, while art or craft activities are also presented.  Science experiments and observation along with cooking are integrated into the curriculum. Children are encouraged to try many activities each day discovering new ideas,friends,and talents. --Preparation for going home involves saying a thank you prayer for all the things enjoyed each day, as well as saying goodbye to friends.
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