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Eleni - 5 star I totally recommend Osceola preschool! The teachers and staff are warm and loving towards our children and most important it's a safe environment! My lil boy has come a long way since he started! Thank you Osceola preschool!
5 star Best preschool! Mydaughter absolutely loves it here. The teachers are excellent and they care about each and every child. Class sizes are small, so each child gets plenty of attention. Plenty of learning opportunities, as well as play time and crafts. Excellent director. I can not say enough good things about this preschool!!!

Kimberly  – 5 star My family has been a part of Osceola Preschool for 6 years and we love it!!! The teachers are hard workers that care very much for the children! My kids were all prepared for public school and I owe that to Osceola! My youngest, whom is afraid of every person he sees, has started to come out of his shell and I owe that too to Osceola. The director is the best. She deeply cares about each child and their families and has made the preschool the best it has ever been! I would recommend Osceola to every child ready for school!!

Lindsey– 5 star Osceola is by far the best preschool in the area. The staff genuinely cares about the students and their families. Class sizes are small and there is an open communication between home and school! The new director has an open door policy! I can't say enough good things about Osceola!

Matt - 5 star

Melissa- 5 star

Michelle- 5 star

Nicole- 5 star

Maria- 5 star

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