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Fun with Snow!
Martin Luther King Jr.
December 2015


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Caterpillars and Butterflies... OH MY!
Dec 2015
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Enrichment Fall 2013
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From Ms. Frasca/Director
Graduation Day!!
Halloween 2013
Happy Halloween!
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Linden Firehouse Visit
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Things That Go- Nov. 2013
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As we approach Spring many of us take the time to stop and observe the changes that are unfolding right before our eyes.  At the preschool, we have been observing the wonderful changes we have witnessed in the children.  They have blossomed; not only in the physical sense, but in all areas of their development! Please take a moment to think about and pray for them as they approach the final stretch of the school year.
St. Patrick’s Day was a lot of fun for the children.  Both classes had great parties and an assortment of treats!


Our four year old class culminated their lesson on volcanoes by making a model volcano erupt.  They invited the three year old class to share in the moment....The giggles and cheers were contagious!

Fun with Snow!

Our 3 year old class had a ball experimenting with "snow"(really just baking soda and shaving cream)!  

Martin Luther King Jr.

Engaging lesson about Martin Luther King Jr. In the 4 year old class.The children examined a white egg and a brown egg and concluded that other than the color on the outside the eggs were exactly the same!

December 2015

Despite the warm temperatures outside, it definitely felt like Christmastime here at Osceola Church Preschool for the month of December!  The warm spicy scents of cinnamon and spice filled the air and the classrooms were adorned with bursts of color.  Gingerbread folks, bright green trees, tickly foot-shaped reindeer, happy holly wreaths, painted presents, shining stars and dancing lights all reminded us what a time of celebration it is! 
Most importantly we celebrated the birthday of a king — Baby Jesus who came into our world as

October 2015~ Firefighters, Baseball Day & Halloween!

Apples 2015

Apple-Mania 2015!!

End of 2014-2015 school year

We ended the 2014-2015 school year here at Osceola Church Preschool on a celebratory note!  
Our three year old class had a lot of fun on the last day of school by having a beach party. They danced the limbo and the hula and munched on fresh fruit and cookies.
In addition, in honor of the time we have spent together and what the future holds, the four year old class was celebrated with a fun, simple, but very memorable preschool graduation. We sincerely wish them good luck as they proceed on to kindergarten!

Spring Has Sprung!!

Dental Health Month 2015

We had a wonderful visit today from Ms. Debbie! She is a dental hygienist from Westfield Pediatric Dental Group. Ms. Debbie taught us about the importance of teeth and how to keep our teeth clean and healthy!
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